Pretty Good Start
By Zak Norton & Zac Fitzsimmons

Rain, rain go away, I don't need you today
I don't know why you won't go, but tonight your cryin' alone
I drove around all over town 'til I couldn't keep my feelings in
She didn't say much, and with one awkward touch,
then I took her home again

I'd say it's a pretty good day as I sing along with my radio
And I don't mind most of the time when I go home alone
Can you believe there's a pretty girl and she could've broke my heart
But it's cracked, just a little bit, and I think that's a pretty good start

Now I was hopin' when I left my heart open that it wasn't open season for me
But like a dope, I had a little hope, now the dope-hope joke is on me I see