The Band

Zak Norton
(core vocalist/songwriter, & guitar)

Growing up in the small town of Mora, MN, he started writing songs the way most people express their emotions in a diary. He played bass guitar for years and let other people perform his songs, but he learned quickly that his true passion was to sing and play his songs the way they were written. This is where it all began...

Zac Z Fitzsimmons
(vocals, guitar, & banjo)

Also from the same small town of Mora, he joined forces with Zak N. back in '97 with the intention of playing "low key" acoustic shows in local Minneapolis coffee shops. It wasn't long before there was more needed for this harmonizing duo...

Justin McGarvey
(Drums, guitar, vocals, harmonica)

This multi-talented musician was discovered at Big Sandy Camp in McGregor, MN. Zac and Zak knew him for years before they all decided to play music together. Justin was originally recruited to play bass guitar and percussion, but eventually ended up playing the drums after they met his brother-in-law...

Jesse Petrowski
(lead guitarist, vocals)

Jesse, who is married to Justin's sister, played guitar in Justin's wedding in April 1997. Zak and Zac were both impressed by his comedic stage presence and unique lead guitar work. Soon after, Jesse joined the band but was forced to play bass guitar against his will... until they found the missing link...

Harry Kent III
(bass guitar, drums, vocals)

Another multi-talented fellow who's mastered just about every instrument possible was the missing link to make this band whole. Kent also grew up in Mora and played in a couple band's with Zac Z in the early 90's. They had both gone their separate ways for a few years but they were reunited in Nov. of '97 when Harry was asked to join the group now known as Left Foot Blue

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