By Zak Norton

My tears are fallin' down to the ground
like the blood that was shed on the schoolyard today
and I watch the TV but I don't make a sound
as I hang on the words that the news anchors say

They say they were smart and they say they were outcasts
very unhappy but nobody knew
and they say they would talk about getting their revenge
But this is something no one thought they would do

We're all looking for a guiltless solution
A, B, C, or D why not none of the above
Well their gods were their guns and
their bullets their best friends
They never had a savior and they never felt love
No, They never had a savior and they never felt love

Well it's the American way to blame someone else
To wash our hand's clean, say "we'll learn from our past"
And we're never worried if our children are happy
We're too busy worrying our computers might crash

So we blame the movies and we blame the music
We blame the TV, well blame what you will
But if you believe that's what causes destruction
Then you can blame me, I'm a reason to kill


So you can say I'm naive in the ways of the world
And that I'm too young to ever be right
But won't you please do just one thing for me
Find a child, and tell them that you love them tonight