Comin' back
by Zak Norton & Zac Fitzsimmons

I woke up that cold mornin' to find my bed empty
Lying there in your place was the letter addressed to me.
You said you had to find yourself somehow so you left and guess who's lost now walkin' round with nothin' but your memory.

The letter read that you'd return and again I could hold you.
But I'm still cryin' girl cause I know that just ain't true 'cause I see...

You're not comin' back, You're not comin' back to me
You're not comin' back baby I'm not blind yes I can see that,
Your not comin' back You're not comin back baby you never really loved me
Where am I supposed to go since you stole my heart and soul...
Heart and soul.

Broken mirror on the wall reflects into my soul.
Showing what you stole from me see the space where my heart should go.
I use to sit all alone waitin' for your call on the telephone now I see,
your never comin' home .

What happened to paradise everything was alright
I use to hold you tight but now I cry myself to sleep at night.

I want to sing a happy tune but my heart is just too blue what am I gonna do
my whole world walked out the door with you.