Devil's Hand
By Zak Norton and Zac Fitzsimmons

Way down south where the devil roams
They used to take men out of their homes
Kill them there in the dead of night
Their hearts were black, but their sheets were white....

See a little baby by the age of five
Dressed in a hood and it's colored white
Mom and Daddy said "to kill" is alright
They say they burn the cross to see God's light...
Fill his head with lies, that ain't right

See a little baby with a gun in his hand
When he grows up he wants to kill a man
Daddy put the seed of hate in him
Can't you see... it's the Devil's hand he's holdin'

See them marching down on Washington
There's power in numbers so they're feeling strong
Really think they're doing what they should
They were wearing white but they're not good ...