Goin' to the River
By Zac Fitzsimmons

Goin' to the river, goin' to the moving flood
I looked at the man by the water's edge,
I could've sworn he was my own flesh and blood
I saw two more walkin' up around the bend
I think I overheard what they just said
"Look at that man without a face"
They turned around and walked the other way

Tell me why, oh why, can't the man tell me that I'm gonna be someone
Why, oh why is he running away
Why, oh why won't you stop to listen to the words I say
Why, oh why is he fading away

So then I followed them to see where they might have gone
They disappeared under the falling sun
I said, "Listen up closely you son of a gun,
We're not ashamed of anything that we have done!"
So I turned around and walked back the other way
There wasn't much more that I could say
I found my guitar by the water's edge
I sang a little song about my "Duncan" friend