In The Night
by Zak Norton

The wind blows it's cold out there, safe and sound in my easy chair, memories they fill the air with warmer days. Driving round with the man chasing dreams in his minivan, thanking God now for my friends, oh his been good to me andů

It's alright to dream tonight the stars are ripe for the pickin'. So pick the one your dreams on and pray to God cause he's always listenin'. Star lights bright helps God to see you in the night.

Jack Frost paints upon my sill, pictures of love that he steals, gives them to me so I can feel the burnin' in my heart. I'm her dish and she's my spoon we run away under the moon as the cat plays a fiddle tune I hold her in my arms andů

And sometime in the night, you just might start to cry cause you never took that chance to dream. And then you'll realize your everything everybody but your self wanted you to be, but your safe with me your safe with me.