Love Doesn't Lie
by Zak Norton

What a beautiful night for a walk in the park, hold my hand I'm afraid of the dark
and when I'm home alone I won't go downstairs because it is so dark down there.
And I'm also afraid it's so dark inside of me there are feelings there that I just can't see,
I don't see why I get so mad and so sad, these are feelings that I've never had.

Maybe if I was stronger I'd look in your eyes a little bit longer and you would see it isn't me.
I didn't hurt you don't you see my Love Doesn't Lie

So you're seeing him I guess that the deal is done what about when he says thanks for the fun
and he leaves you alone with a broken heart, you're on the floor falling apart.
Well I'll be there if you need someone to hold you and I won't be the one to say I told you,
no I won't be the one to blow you off like you were the one who blew me off.

And I know I'm not like him
And I know I'm not like them
Yeah I'm a little different, a little different from the rest
I guess I feel that different is the best

So now I sit here with loneliness in my arms yeah I guess I fell, fell for your charms;
there's illusion and confusion…but if you love him you best run to him.
And I'll sit here yes I'll sit here all alone thinking how I watched, I watched you go,
yeah I know, yeah I know, yeah I know, yeah I know, I must move on, I must move on.Love Doesn't Lie