MN Sun
By Zak Norton

Long ago before the viscous snow turned the luscious fields a bitter gray
Before I knew the things that I now know
when I would see me dreams then turn away

And the girl with ice cold hands that I'm proud to call my friend
told me not to eat the corn because it's bitter
Can it be as bitter as the taste in my soul
I don't think it can on my own down the road

So let me go Mrs. MN Sun, oh how I wish the night would come
Then I will go and stow away beneath the moon I'll find my life,
my love, my happiness, and come running back to you
MN sun

In the days when the bitter wind bites into your skin and hits the bone
You know her name it's MN Sun and she'll shine on you until your warm
But I've met many men much more bitter than the wind who say shouldn't do what I am doing,
they've just all let there dreams go to be buried in the snow not me though, not me though


MN Sun , oh I will run
MN Sun soon I'll be gone
MN Sun I will return
MN Sun when once again the cold wind burns

Now I must go and hit the open road, but I promise that I won't be gone long
And I'll return with fire in my eyes I'll tell you stories, and I'll sing you songs
And I'll bring you all some gifts from the places that I hit maybe New York or Memphis Tennessee
And I won't ever forget the way you said goodbye to me. But I'll be happy.