by Zak Norton

Well there's this lady folk that I like a lot,
But wouldn't you know she's already caught
By a feller who really hates me.
Well, me and him used to be good friends
Until I hit on her and that was the end,
But I'd do it all over again and that's just history.

Once and a while I throw her a smile and an N.O.T.E.
That's code for love letter for all of you fellers that ain't as hip as me.
Now I can't really say she says a heck of a lot except "Oh you're so sweet"
Why can't she understand that I want to be her man and I wonder what she thinks of me.

I wonder does she ever see me as Mr. R.O.M.A.N.C.E.
If she thinks that I'm sweet now, just wait and see.
Now I know she don't think I could
But the good Lord up in Heaven knows I surely would
Love her with all my heart for eternity.

Now I bet that you're just backing
that silly notion she'll send me packing,
but you're not the first one to ever say that.
Now I think it's so sad that he treats her so bad
But when me and him was friends he said once that
If they ever broke up he knew she'd always come running back.

Now I can't say I know a lot about this field,
but it so hard to see if your man's love is real.
You make the same mistakes once or twice, but not ten times.
Love's supposed to feel good, love's supposed to feel grand
But if you don't feel that ladies then he ain't a good man,
So I say it's about time to come over and give ol' Zak a try!