Never Had the Chance
By Zak Norton

I don't know whether I'm fallin' fast or slow
But I'm fallin' in love again
She never meant to steal my heart
She came walkin' through the door
What a warm surprise on a January night

And I never had the chance
To fall in love with her eyes
I've never seen her hair
Shine in the morning light
I've had my hands around her waist
maybe once or twice, and it was nice...

Now I can't say the last time I felt this way
Feelings like these, they don't easily fade
I'll take it slow, I can see she's been hurt before
Just let her know I have a gentle heart


I tell my heart "NO"
I don't wanna fall no more
Do you think my heart listens to me?

"Look at her", it says
"Think of her", it says
Are you ready to fall in love
I don't wanna fall in love...

So here I am starting all over again
She doesn't know I guess that's okay
Look at her, my past is just a blur
I don't know why I'm this way