Plum Hearted
by Zak Norton

Well the moon shined on the snow and it guided me back home down the road I spoke of you. Saying things that I don't write as I stared into the night I guess that I still think we should be together.

C: And I don't know why I think that you would love me the way I do. The way I do love you.
My heart speaks to me once in awhile it speaks of you and I smile, it's safe to say I'm plum crazy.

I say things to this guitar that are so very hard for me I guess you'll never hear. (what I have to say.) You've got him and I've got me, maybe that's the way it should be, but I don't believe so.

And I'm longing for that kiss, The kiss that I can miss. And I'm longing for the right, The right to kiss you goodnight.

So I hope our days aren't done, before they've even begun oh how long to let you hold my heart. (Like you did that night.) And wonder do you recall the night that I had it all. I held you in my arms.

C:………………It's safe to say I'm plum crazy, it's true I'm plum crazy for you.