by Jesse Petrowski & Zak Norton

Well I smell the sun baked tar and feel the granite shift underneath my weight.
I time my strides to match the ties that bind two solid steel rails.
I'm blinded by the sun that's reflecting off all the broken glass.
I notice all the houses have their backs turned as I'm a walkin past.

C: I'm walkin' down those rails. And I hear the whistle wail.
I'm walkin' all alone .I'm a square wheel made of stone.
I'm just a ramblin' down that track.
Like there's a freight engine on my back.

People stop to stare as I pass them by, they ask me where I'm goin'.
I say to catch a dream but they laugh at me and say
it's just a bunch of steam I'm blowin'
But there's that red hot coal that's in my soul and that's the thing that starts to drive me wild.
Just put your ear down to the track and baby you'll hear me comin' for miles.