Run For Shelter
by Justin McGarvey

When my last breath is sneaking up around the next corner
Will you gather all around me?
And when my eyes are staring off into nothing
Will you go ahead and look teary eyed into them?
And when my heart is beating it's last
Will you get in line and say your last farewells?

Gather together, all of my family
Will you sort through all my things?
And as you sit there by yourselves looking at all my photographs
Will you be sorting through all your feelings?

Can you feel the wind blow? Can you hear the thunder?
Can you see the trees calling me?
As you gather 'round my stone and it begins to rain we'll all
run for shelter.

All my children, brothers and sisters;
men and women letting it all hand out
Well, one of your children all alone in the corner
Had it all up within herself
And to the one new to the family
I leave to him this his souls revival