Sportie's Cafe'
by Zak Norton

Hop in the car drive up to the northland
I went there with my band,
We played rock íní roll we had a pretty good show
Then you and I hopped in one side of a booth
didnít know what to do
till a friend came by drunk out of his mind.
Come on, Come on, come on, are you telling me things were changing, sitting there all alone
Couldnít you feel my heart burning, keeping our voices low
But inside I was singing...
" Could you spare a little love, could you spare a little love, how about a kiss to go because tomorrow Iíll be missing you."
So there he was telling you old stories
with his slurred speech,
you didnít pay much mind your mind seemed preoccupied.
Then he left I looked into your brown eyes
time seemed to fly itís quiet there at five A.M.