Under the Sun
By Zak Norton

What's goin' down, already's gone down
and it will again by someone
We will be judged for the good
And the greediest evil under the sun

My head is pounding, as I rub
the bridge of my nose
Wisdom you see is better than money
It preserves you after you go

My life I've been, I've been runnin'
chasin' after the wind
So far you see life doesn't really
have much of a meaning
My foolish mouth is quick to shout out
Like a mouth of a fool must
And we must go from where we came
We were all born from dust

We all need a friend, on which we can depend
Pity the man who falls and has no one
Work hard all your life, blood, sweat, money and strife
It's all meaningless under the sun

Follow the ways of your heart, and what your eyes see
But know that you'll be judged on what you do
The dreaming is good, but talking is cheap
A lot of dreams and too many words make you a fool

I thought of my heart...